Stanford Wins Back to Back Cup’s

 Goal Keeper Andrew Epstein,makes big stop

Stanford wins back to back  college cup championships after defeating Wake Forest in Penalty Kicks, 110 minutes of play would end  in a draw .and Stanford would go thru the tournament not allowing a goal in regulation,

There was some  action and both teams had opportunities to score with Wake forest having 10 shots and 4 of them on target, Stanford  would have 9 but 5 on target. minute 72nd  of the match would be a key play when wake forest goal keeper Andreu Mundet made a save and fell back inside the goal line while he had controlled of the ball, the official would stop the game and go to the replay both and no  scored was called,

Just as the semifinals on friday  the game would go into overtime with both teams being unable to score and after 110 minutes of regulation play the championship would be won in Penalty Kicks.

Stanford would make its first 3 kicks and miss the 4th giving Wake forest  a lead since they would convert the first 4 kicks, Stanford would score the next two and wake forest was not able to convert the last two and thanks to Andrew  Epstein  stopping Penalty  kick number 6, Stanford would win with a score of 5-4


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