Houston Texans Fans 


Brock Osweiler has been criticized  By fans  and media for his play so far this year , some fans have even created  a gofund me account to buy out his contract , if you are a football fan and Houston is  mostly a football city  and it shows since the Texans have been here for 14 seasons and have sold out every home game since, last year Gary Kubiak   won the Super Bowl  with the Denver Broncos, Houston fans were calling for his job when the Texans had that meltdown of the season and ended 2 and 14  in 2013, just two years later the same coach with same defense coordinator Wade Phillip’s won Super Bowl  XL , it can be frustrated to see your team lose in the way the Texans lost last week,we at SportsRNews believe the game would be much closer, going back to  Osweiler we must give him time to adjust and support the team and the organization anyone that has played in the NFL knows that it’s hard to win  based on the interview we had  with current and past players, if anyone could play  and win championships in the NFL  there would be a higher percentage teams of players that make it to big Game and win the Lombardi Trophy  , we have  9 games left and we hope that the Texans give him the entire year before they make a decision,


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