Houston Dynamo vs LA Galaxy

The Dynamo drop their last home game, with a score of  1-0 to  LA Galaxy.

Landon Donavan would make his first start since coming out of retirement earlier in the year. early in the match  he would provide an opportunity for the LA to take the lead  but had his shot blocked by  Horst, Giovani would have an opportunity to go into the break with a   score but his shot hit the cross bar and both teams would go into the break scoreless.

Maidana had a good look  early  in the second half  but his shot was just missed left of the post. Alan’s Gordon  goal would come when goalkeeper Joe Willis blocked a shot from Magee and was rebounded when  Horst tried to clear the ball   in the 72nd minute.

The LA  Galaxy won all 3 matches this season  vs the Dynamo , and the Dynamo would end their home season record with 5 wins 5 losses and 7 tied

The Houston Dynamo would end the season with a road game against Colorado Rapids October 23 -2016.

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