Huskies vs Colonels

 HBU returned  home for a Southland Conference game vs   Nicholls .The final score 33 -30 in favor of the colonels in double overtime .

The huskies would score 3 points in the first quarter and then had a field goal  attempt blocked and  return for a touchdown  the colonels would convert the extra point and the end of the first quarter would be 7 to 10 in favor of  Nicholls .

HBU would score in the second quarter with a 2 yard run in their first possession however , Nicholls would  score 14 unanswered points  to make it 21 to 10 to go into the break.

Huskies defense would hold and not allow any points in the 3rd quarter , their offense would get a touchdown and a field goal to make it a 1 point game at the end of the 3rd quarter

Colonels would add 3 more points to increase their lead to 4, HBU would score to take the lead 27 to 24 with 1.25 minutes  to play on the fourth quarter. Nichols would tied the game  with .06 seconds left to play in regulation when kicker  converted a 57 yard field goal and force the game onto overtime.

With a tied score of 27 the first overtime went with both teams missing their field goals, the second overtime score would be a 35 yard field goal by the huskies, Then the upset would happen at home for the huskies when Nicholls would run  the ball from 12 yards out for a 33 to 30 win.

The Huskies will travel to Hammond  LA. to face off against Southeastern Louisiana Lions  at 4:00pm October 22, 2016

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